Homemade Tooth Powder

If you are anything like me, a health and wellness nut 😜, then you have probably come across a number of toothpaste and tooth powder recipes. When you go on Weston Price Foundation website you can read about how your blood sugar levels determine your susceptability to cavities. He then maps out how a diet rich in healthy fats from pasture raised (grassfed) raw milk and butter, codliver oil, and also low in fruit and abscent of processed sugar can help in preventing or reversing and healing cavities. Also, bone broth is a great addition for amino acids, minerals, and other components that are super players in maintaining optimal health. While diet plays a key role in oral health you also need a good toothpaste and brushing method to maintain clean chops. On other health and wellness blogs writers give thier recipes for homemade concoctions for teeth. I have used and loved these recipes in the past, but over the years as I have learned new information I started to modify to create my own recipe. Most homemade toothpastes use bentonite clay in the recipe. I choose not to use this type of clay because depending on where it is sourced from it can be high in lead. I have actually heard a functional practitioner speak about a family he was treating and they tested positive for lead poisening. After going through the family history he uncovered that the source of the lead was from the bentonite clay they were taking in for detox. I have heard to look in certain places for bentonite clay that is low or does not contain lead, but personally im not willing to take the chance since I have no way of testing the clay myself. So for my recipe I like to used food grade diatomaceaous earth in the place of clay and different amounts of various ingredients. I like to use peppermint and lemon essential oils for thier antiseptic properties and for taste. Of course its important to use oils that are reputable and for the sake of brevity I wont go down that rabbithole for now! My neighbor who is getting her advanced degree in aromatherapy only uses Aromatics International and Plant Therapy. She also uses Rocky Mountain Oils but her oils are from before they bought out the company Native American Nutritionals, along with a few others. We have met and compared my peppermint oil and determined that they have most likely changed the distillation technique leading to an inferior product. However, I still use and love RMO and do trust the company so far. I have been gifted Young Living oils and heard and smelled doTerra but I do not recommend these oils to anyone do to thier adulterations and inferior products. With that being said I should mention I have dear friends and family who sell and use these oils and I respect difference of opinion. I strongly suggest that each person do thier own research and be your own advocate! I personally don’t take most people’s word for something (unless they are in the field that they are speaking in reference to or they can tell me how they got to thier conclusion) and look for evidence to back up claims. My own opinion has come from intense research and utilizing research done by other bloggers that I have come to trust. I also use ceylon cinnamon which is known for stabilizing blood sugar and also has antiseptic properties, clove which also has antiseptic properties, and tumeric which is anti-inflammatory as well as whitening. Lastly, I use birch zylitol (regular comes from gmo corn) for a sweetner and also to kill S. mutans (a cavity causing bacteria), trace minerals by concentrace, and a calcium magnesium powder by Kal. The minerals are important for making the teeth strong and healthy. SO now let’s get to the recipe I concocted…

Aasta’s toothpowder:

1/2 a cup of birch zylitol

1/2 a cup of food grade DE

1Tbsp of Concentrace minerals

1Tbsp Kal powder

1Tbsp each of spicely organic clove, tumeric, and ceylon cinnamon

30 drops of peppermint oil

15 drops of lemon oil

I blend everything in my nut jar for my blendtech then store in tupperware. This amount of toothpowder will last my family for almost a year! I also recommend oil pulling with raw coconut oil or pure sesame oil and using a high quality tooth brush like a bass brush for manual bruahing or a sonicare for electric brushing. I will be writing all about oil pulling next post!



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