Hi my name is Aasta and I am a momma of three beautiful boys and I spend my freetime researching and learning all about health, wellness, and biohacking. I have a background as a Medical Laboratory Scientist who has worked as a public health microbiologist, a microbiology for health instructor, and other field related positions. After my second son was born we went through a lifechanging event called FPIES(food protein indiced enterocholitis syndrome). Since that time I have dedicated myself to learning as much as i can to heal my family and help others. My journey started as an infant who was not breastfed and continued into childhood as a very sickly child who was given lots of antibiotics and then developed lots of allergies and irritable bowel syndrome. As I became a young adult the use of birth control, NSAIDs, and more antibiotics further damaged my gut and lead me to a miriad of health problems including IBS, anxiety, cystic acne, and hormonal imbalances. While pregnant with my first son and traveling I believe I contracted giardia, but went undiagnosed for many years. My first son would get these hives while nursing that would come and go like a passing wind. Noone knew what they were caused from or that they were even significant. Otherwise he was healthy so we ignored the symptoms. Then with my second son we had a traumatic birth. I was given an infection called chorioamnionitis and was given broadspectrum antibiotics. Between the stress of a terrible birth experience, my husband deploying, and the antibiotics my health was completely destroyed and my second son was given a poor start. He developed FPIES through my breastmilk because my gut was leaking ┬áproteins into my milk that irritated his gut. After months of suffering on a total ellimination diet I discovered a protocol called GAPs and I used a modified version to heal my gut and heal my son. By 13months old he was able to eat anything and everything and is now a healthy toddler. When I was pregnant with my third son I did well but towards the end of my pregnancy my cravings took over and I ate horribly. At three weeks old my third son started showing signs of fpies. I went on another ellimination diet but we were in the process of moving so I had to wait to start gaps. After we arrived at our new home I discovered I had an intestinal parasite called Giardia. I have since been healing myself of this infection and using my modified GAPS protocol with my third son is growing and thriving! My hope is to touch other peoples’ lives in a positive way and share the wealth of information i have learned over the years. I feel so blessed that God has given me the gift of knowledge and awarness so that i can use food, herbs, and natural remedies to heal my family.